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Encountering Light: The Day Ms. Nanyemba Met Olusheno

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In the heart of Windhoek, on a fateful day in December 2023, Israsia F Nanyemba walked into Olusheno's head office to purchase her second D100 home solar system. This was not just a routine transaction; it was a poignant moment marking four years since she first embraced the transformative power of clean energy.

Encountering Light: The Day Ms. Nanyemba Met Olusheno

In 2019, Israsia's journey with Olusheno began in an unexpected encounter with Penehupifo Ndinehafo Nghiloohamba, a sales agent running a promotion to raise awareness about the D100 home solar system. Intrigued by the product's functionalities, Israsia decided to invest in her very first unit, setting the stage for a lasting relationship with Olusheno.

Practicality Unleashed: A Traveler's Delight

What captivates Israsia about the D100 is its practicality. As a frequent traveler, she no longer frets about keeping her cellphone charged in off-grid locations or enduring dark nights during power outages. However, the true game-changer has been its impact on her travel experiences. The D100 has not only made her journeys more comfortable but has become an indispensable companion, illuminating her adventures.

A Believer and Advocate for Clean Energy

Israsia wears the badge of a clean energy advocate proudly. At every opportunity, she encourages her family and friends to embrace Olusheno's D100, emphasizing its practicality and the enhanced quality of life it brings. Her unwavering belief in clean energy is rooted in the tangible benefits she has experienced, making her a powerful voice in the movement toward sustainable living.

"You really get your money’s worth because you can see the product's quality throughout the years. Once you pay it off within the given year, you won’t see it as a loss after using the product for 4 years," shares Ms. Nanyemba, reflecting on the lasting value Olusheno's D100 brings into her life.

A Teacher's Vision: Lighting Up Communities

As a primary school teacher in Katutura, Israsia nurtures dreams beyond the classroom. With retirement on the horizon, she harbors ambitions of returning to her village in the Omusati Region to cultivate sustainable living practices. Her first D100, standing strong after four years, is a testament to Olusheno's promise of durability and reliability.

Sustainable Suggestions: Ms. Nanyemba's Vision for the Future

Ms. Nanyemba, a satisfied customer with a forward-thinking perspective, suggests the distribution of more portable solar systems for maximum practicality. She envisions a system with enough wattage to power a laptop, catering to the needs of the working class and students nationwide.

In her commitment to sustainability, Israsia exemplifies Olusheno's mission to deliver on its promise of clean, affordable energy for all. As she walks out with her second D100, already contemplating a third, her story radiates the warmth of someone who has found not just a product but a partner in progress. Israsia F Nanyemba's journey encapsulates the transformative impact of Olusheno's D100—a beacon of light illuminating lives and paving the way for a brighter, cleaner future for all.

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