From baker to advocate for solar light!

Christina Basson's Solar Advocacy

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In the heart of the //kharas region lies Tses village, a community brimming with stories of resilience and empowerment. Today, we delve into the captivating narrative of Christina Basson, a 68-year-old entrepreneur and beacon of light within her community.

A Culinary Entrepreneur with a Heart for Celebration

Meet Christina Basson, the proud owner of Sunrise Hawkers, a retail outlet under Olusheno Sales & Distribution Pty (Ltd). For the past eight years, Christina has been baking and supplying not just pastries but slices of joy for various celebratory occasions, especially her renowned birthday cakes. Beyond the bustling world of entrepreneurship, she finds solace and purpose as an active member of her community church.

A Serendipitous Introduction to Olusheno

Christina's journey with Olusheno began in 2018 when she attended a promotional event in Tses with her husband. It was here that she encountered TSE Sofie, a pivotal figure in Olusheno's mission. The spark ignited when Christina discovered Olusheno's solar initiative, aimed at liberating households from the burdens of candles and paraffin.

Intrigued and inspired, Christina engaged in a conversation with TSE Sofie, seeking answers to her questions. Convinced of the transformative impact Olusheno could have on her community, she became the first client of Olusheno in Tses, ushering in a new era of illumination for her household.

From Client to Advocate: Christina's Role in Olusheno's Solar Movement

Driven by the desire to share the radiance she experienced, Christina decided to take a more active role. Learning that Olusheno not only provided solar solutions but also employment opportunities, she joined the ranks as a retailer the following year.

Established within her community, Christina hit the ground running with Olusheno sales. Her business not only flourished but also became a catalyst for positive change within Tses. The d.light solar systems, a flagship product of Olusheno, lit up not just the streets but metaphorically illuminated lives, bringing a new vitality to the community.

"Now there is life in Tses," Christina asserts, encapsulating the profound impact Olusheno had on her village.

Empowering the Community: Christina's Advocacy for Olusheno

As her involvement deepened, Christina became a conduit for the aspirations of her community. Numerous requests for solar systems with refrigeration capabilities highlighted the evolving needs of Tses. Christina's advocacy goes beyond a business transaction; it's a genuine belief in Olusheno's affordability and its ability to sustain households with consistent light.

Christina extends an earnest invitation to all individuals to join the solar initiative, emphasizing the transformative power of Olusheno Sales & Distribution Pty (Ltd). If you find yourself in Tses village and wish to be part of this luminous journey, Christina Basson can be reached at her cell number: +264 81 604 5106, and her landline number: +264 63 257 155.

In the tapestry of Tses, Christina Basson stands as a testament to the ripple effect one individual can have when illuminated by the light of positive change. Through Olusheno's solar initiative, she not only brightened her own life but became a guiding star for her community, inspiring others to join the radiant movement towards a brighter, sustainable future.

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