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In the heart of Ndama, a settlement nestled in the Kavango East Region, a tale of empowerment and community resilience unfolds with Naimi Ngambo Kasera, the proud owner of Grace and Favor Tuck Shop. Since affiliating with Olusheno Sales & Distribution Pty (Ltd) in 2020, Ms. Kasera has become more than a business owner; she's a beacon of clean energy and progress in her community.

A Culinary Haven and Solar Sanctuary

The Grace and Favor Tuck Shop isn't just a place for take-away delicacies; it's the number one supplier of clean solar energy in Ndama. Ms. Kasera, driven by a commitment to her community, has found a unique way to intertwine the joy of culinary delights with the empowerment of sustainable living.

Saving Homes, One Solar System at a Time

For Ms. Kasera, the connection with Olusheno goes beyond business transactions. It's about saving her community from potential disasters—house fires and unnecessary expenses. The d.light solar systems from Olusheno have become more than products; they are guardians of homes, bringing not just light but safety to the households of Ndama.

The Need for Swifter Solutions

Amidst the success and impact, Ms. Kasera voices a valid concern: the efficiency of the delivery service. As the demand for Olusheno's home solar systems rises in her community, the slow pace of stock releases creates unease among eager clients. It's a challenge Olusheno acknowledges and commits to addressing swiftly, ensuring that the process of acquiring a d.light solar system is not just essential but also a seamless and pleasant experience.

Empowering the Youth: A Vision Beyond Business

Beyond the walls of Grace and Favor Tuck Shop, Ms. Kasera harbors a great desire—to inspire the youth in her community to join Olusheno. She sees the affiliation not just as a business opportunity but as a gateway to a world of possibilities. By encouraging the younger generation to embrace clean energy, she envisions a future where Ndama shines bright with progress and sustainable living.

Community, Connection, and Clean Energy

Ms. Kasera's story is a testament to the deep connection between businesses, communities, and the transformative power of clean energy. In Ndama, Olusheno isn't just a supplier; it's a partner in progress. As the company works to enhance delivery services, it's not just about improving logistics but about ensuring that every household in Ndama can experience the life-changing benefits of a d.light solar system without hindrance.

A Shared Vision for a Brighter Future

In the collaborative journey of Naimi Ngambo Kasera and Olusheno, a shared vision for a brighter, safer, and more empowered Ndama emerges. It's a vision where clean energy transcends the practicalities of lighting to become a catalyst for progress, community resilience, and a source of inspiration for generations to come. Ms. Kasera's story is not just about a tuck shop or solar systems; it's about the transformative potential that blooms when communities and businesses unite for a common cause.

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