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In the heart of community-driven initiatives, Mrs. Adelheid Guios stands out as a beacon of light, not only in her Adele Pre-School but also in her role as an Olusheno retailer. With almost three years of partnership with Olusheno, Mrs. Guios shares her insights, experiences, and the invaluable impact of bringing light to both towns and villages.

Beyond a Kindergarten: Adele Pre School's Unique Role

Mrs. Adelheid Guios takes pride in her unconventional role as the owner of Adele Pre-School rather than a traditional shop. Her focus on education and community well-being sets Adele Pre School apart, making it a space that not only nurtures young minds but also contributes to the broader community.

A 3-Year Journey: Working Hand in Hand with Olusheno

Having collaborated with Olusheno for almost three years, Mrs. Guios reflects on the positive impact that Olusheno's products, especially the D100 solar system, bring to households. The transformative journey has been characterized by the spread of light not only in towns but also in the remote corners of villages, bringing about a positive change.

Valuable Products and Cooperative Ventures

While Mrs. Guios primarily sells the D100 solar system, she acknowledges the value that Olusheno's broader product range brings to the market. The advertisement campaigns highlighting these valuable products have contributed to building trust and recognition in the community.

Satisfactory Cooperation: Olusheno's Responsive Approach

What sets Olusheno apart in Mrs. Guios's eyes is the cooperative and responsive approach towards clients. Expressing satisfaction with Olusheno's commitment to addressing concerns and complaints promptly, Mrs. Guios commends the attentive attitude, especially citing the positive experience with Beatricia.

Wholehearted Endorsement: Would She Recommend Olusheno?

A resounding "YES" echoes from Mrs. Guios when asked if she would recommend Olusheno to others. Her endorsement is not just based on the quality of products but also on the company's commitment to responsive customer service.

Open Invitation: Sharing Contact Details

Mrs. Adelheid Guios warmly extends an invitation for others to connect. With a heartwarming "YES, FOR SURE," she shares her contact details, welcoming anyone interested in the transformative journey with Olusheno.

Contact Details

Cell Number: +264 81 480 0828

In conclusion, Mrs. Adelheid Guios's journey with Olusheno is a testament to the multifaceted impact that the company has on diverse community spaces. From illuminating homes with solar solutions to fostering education in a pre-school setting, Olusheno's reach extends far beyond traditional retail spaces. Mrs. Guios's story reflects the collaborative spirit and positive transformations that can unfold when businesses like Olusheno prioritize both product quality and responsive customer relationships.

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