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 Meet Madam Esther Mweliyapokati Neema, a seasonal team leader at Solar Grapes company since 2019, and a proud owner of the d.light D100 solar system. In this heartfelt interview, Madam Esther shares her transformative experience with Olusheno's d.light products, shedding light on how it has positively impacted her home and life.

Discovering Olusheno: From Doubt to Delight

Esther first encountered Olusheno's products through the buzz in her community, where people were actively seeking alternative energy solutions. Initially skeptical, she questioned whether Olusheno's offerings were just like any other mass-produced products. It wasn't until mid-2022 when she crossed paths with Ms. Fenny Matias at Letty Trading cc that Esther's perception began to change. Witnessing others purchasing d.light products and learning about the associated benefits convinced her to give it a try.

A Beacon of Light in 2022: d.light D100 at Home

Esther started using her d.light D100 in 2022, bringing a new radiance to her house. The switch to clean, affordable energy not only lit up her home but also improved the quality of life for her children and family. No longer in the shadows of darkness, they now enjoy the convenience of charging their phones and the safety of a well-lit environment.

Affordability and Peace of Mind: A Mother's Perspective

What Esther cherishes most about the d.light D100 is its affordability and ease of payment. Regardless of financial status, anyone can afford this life-changing solar system. For Esther, it goes beyond illumination; it's about ensuring her house is safe from the fear of candle-induced fires, especially when her children are home alone in the evening while she works.

Warranty and Life Cover: A Unique Assurance

The standout feature of the d.light D100, according to Esther, is the warranty and life cover. This assurance allows her to sleep with the lights on, charging her battery during the day and powering essential devices like phones. It's not just a source of light; it's a guardian, providing a sense of security and peace.

Spreading the Light: Referrals and Community Impact

Esther's enthusiasm for d.light doesn't stop at her doorstep. Through her referral efforts, she has directed numerous customers to Letty Trading cc, sharing her positive experience with the d.light D100. People in her community often approach her, curious about the source of her well-lit home, and she gladly guides them to discover the transformative power of clean energy.

Future Brightness: More Promotions and Outreach

Esther envisions more promotions to showcase the variety of d.light products available. She understands the impact of physically seeing the products and believes it will attract even more individuals to embrace clean energy solutions.

A Call to Action: Sharing the Light with Olusheno

As we conclude our conversation, Esther expresses her eagerness to continue spreading the word. "Yes, I will tell them," she says, emphasizing her role as an advocate for Letty Trading cc and Olusheno. Her contact details stand as an open invitation for those curious about the radiant change the d.light D100 can bring to their lives.

Contact Details:

Esther Mweliyapokati Neema

Location No. 5, Aussenkehr

Cellphone: 0813477082

Esther's story isn't just about solar systems; it's a narrative of empowerment, safety, and a community united by the transformative glow of clean energy. The d.light D100 isn't just a product; it's a catalyst for change, one that Esther passionately shares with everyone she meets.

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