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Following the guidelines keeps the client happy

a new leash...

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February 2024   332 views

Gobabis' Long Standing Solar Advocates...

Blessing Her Community With Light All Night

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February 2024   299 views

Dedicated Community Pillars

A Conversation with Kavemunu Mujazu

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February 2024   317 views

The Care Giving Light Bringer!

Nurturing Young Minds And Brightening The Community

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February 2024   294 views

Erica Jass's Impact

Olusheno Grows In The South!

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February 2024   353 views

A Bright Light In Aranos

Catherine Kazao's Journey with Olusheno

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February 2024   310 views

Emgard works for the future

Rora guesthouse expands with Olusheno!

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December 2023   359 views

Martin's quest for a solar solution

Olusheno saves another family!

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December 2023   434 views

The Light Within

Esther's transformative path with Ousheno...

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December 2023   448 views

Caroline Jagger

Frying delicacies, Igniting hope with d.light...

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December 2023   449 views

A ''d.light''ful Awakening

Encountering Light: The Day Ms. Nanyemba Met Olusheno

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December 2023   445 views

Grace and Favor with Olusheno!

Naimi Kasera, the heroin from Ndama...

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December 2023   418 views

A journey to remember...

Laimi Festus' Journey with Olusheno Solar

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November 2023   456 views

Security guard now guarded by d.light!

Magdelena Shaluada is the latest to benefit from solar empowerment...

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November 2023   495 views

Martha Ushoona's story of light and new life!

Olusheno's agenda remains the same....change lives!

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November 2023   512 views

Adeline Mbapaha's Journey with Olusheno Solar

Empowering Communities

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October 2023   536 views

Queen Mundueva's Journey with Olusheno Solar

Illuminating Lives

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October 2023   511 views

Covering the story of a pioneer in Harambe!

A Family Man in the Shadows of Harambe

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October 2023   499 views

A symbol of perseverance and resilience...

Ms. Wilhemina's Olusheno Journey

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October 2023   535 views

From baker to advocate for solar light!

Christina Basson's Solar Advocacy

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October 2023   525 views

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