Win a solar TV! 

Refer us to your friends and family and you could win!

We have many happy customers at DayBright, and now we want to give back. Many customers already refer their family or friends to us when they see the lights in action, so now these customers have a chance to win a TV for their great help.

Here is how the program will work and it's terms and conditions:

  • DayBright will sponsor one X850 with TV plus a TV license to the raffle winner.

  • Existing customers must refer 5 or more new customers to qualify for the draw.

  • Everyone else (non current customers) may also participate but they need to refer 10 new customers to qualify for the draw.

  • The TV prize cannot be exchanged for cash.

  • Entries open on the 24th of January. Entries close on the 9th of July (to allow for month end sales) The draw will happen on the 11th of July.

  • Winners will be contacted and announced on radio and Facebook

  • The campaign will be marketed on Facebook every week, on SMS once a month and on radio with every interview and ad we do.

  • T o verify a sale and qualify for an entry, the referrer (you) needs to phone our helpdesk at 081 997 free of charge and speak to Punga or Moses. .

  • Winning entries will be verified for correctness before prizes are being handed out.

  • Any person who refers 30 or more customers win a TV by default - i.e they already get a TV for free and will not be part of the draw anymore.

  • Agents and staff of Olusheno do not qualify for this program.

  • We will invite bloggers, musicians, artists and anyone with a large social media following to become part of this program in order to spread our positive message. We will make a TV available for demonstration to these bloggers in order to be able to test it, film it and write about it on social media.

  • Customers are invited to film a case study of their own experience with the D30 or TV in their own language and use that on social media in order to gain referrals.

  • Great pieces such as videos or case studies will be boosted by us on Facebook for the artist.

  • The program runs in Namibia and Botswana together, i.e there is one TV to win for all entries in both countries together.

  • This program runs on top of our Topup 100,- customer referral program, i.e customers can get both the 100,- from the agent plus the entries to the referral program.

  • The judges decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. E& OE.